SAFe 6.0® Lean Portfolio Management
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Source: Capgemini, World Economic Forum, Glassdoor, Indeed, PayScale

Who can attend the LPM course?

CEOs: Understanding Lean Portfolio Management ensures strategic alignment, enabling CEOs to lead their organizations through agile transformations and make informed decisions to maximize value.

Program, Project Managers: LPM equips them with the skills to plan dynamically, adapt to market changes, and integrate feedback, leading to more successful project outcomes.

Release Train Engineers: They learn to align strategy with execution, facilitating smooth Agile Release Train operations and achieving value-driven delivery.

Solution Managers: For effective solution delivery, LPM provides the ability to align initiatives with strategy, integrate feedback, and maintain focus on customer value.

Agile Coaches: They can guide organizations in adopting Lean Portfolio Management practices, fostering a culture of agility, innovation, and continuous improvement.

SAFe Practice Consultants: LPM expertise enables them to guide organizations in aligning strategy with execution using the Scaled Agile Framework, enhancing their consulting offerings.

Portfolio Managers: LPM equips them with tools to plan dynamically, adjust initiatives and budgets, and adapt to market changes, ensuring effective portfolio management.

Enterprise Architects: LPM offers insights into aligning architecture decisions with business strategy, facilitating efficient value delivery across the organization.

Why get SAFe Certified?

  • Course workbook and SAFe Studio access to help you prepare to take the certification exam, claim your digital badge, and tools to get started in your SAFe role
  • Complete LPM Practice Guide to help plan and execute a successful LPM adoption
  • Platform access to e-learning modules and curated members-only content to support your SAFe transformation
  • Member discussion forms to engage in ongoing conversations on the SAFe framework or how to perform better as part of an Agile Team
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Career Impact

Enhanced Strategic Leadership: Gain the skills to align strategy with execution, positioning yourself as a strategic leader capable of driving organizational success.

Agile Transformation Catalyst: Become a catalyst for agile transformation within your organization, leading teams towards a more adaptive and value-driven approach.

Valuable Decision-Maker: Equip yourself to make informed decisions by understanding how to adjust initiatives and budgets based on market changes and customer feedback.

Increased Market Value: Demonstrate expertise in Lean Portfolio Management, enhancing your marketability and making you a sought-after professional in agile and portfolio management roles.

Industry Recognition: Gain recognition as a certified professional in Lean Portfolio Management, enhancing your credibility and opening doors to exciting opportunities.


Certification Includes

Receive a course workbook and access to SAFe studio to prepare for the certification exam

Enable remote learning via SAFe virtual classrooms.

One-year membership to SAFe Studio with your first class attendance.

All the materials that you need to get started as a SAFe Trainer including complete trainer guidance and online enablement.

Downloadable toolkits to help you prepare, facilitate and take action from key SAFe activities like Organizing Around Value.

Platform access to e-learning modules and curated members-only content to support your SAFe transformation.

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Exam Fees Included 

in the Course

16-Hour Live Instructor-led

Online Training

Free 1 Year SAFe

Community Membership

Earn 16 PDUs and

16 SEUs

Extensive Exam


Meet Your Trainer

Neeraj Bachani (SPCT)

Neeraj has more than 22 years of experience in the IT industry that began with HCL Tech back in 1999. He embarked on his Agile journey in 2009 as a Scrum Master and became an SPC in 2014.

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