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Our Solutions

We help businesses harness Lean-Agile at scale with proven transformational services by offering consultation, coaching, and training to ensure agility at all levels of the organization.

Training & Coaching

Comprehensive training programs for leaders, managers, and teams on Agile practices, plus coaching services for effective implementation.

Transformation Strategy

Build a transformational strategy aligned with business goals and objectives for implementing Agile practices across the organization.

Scaling Practices

Scale Agile practices across teams, departments, and locations for consistency and standardization.

Hiring Partners

Hire the right talent for permanent and contractual Agile roles, identifying and recruiting the best candidates for Agile teams.

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Most Popular Trainings

Implementing SAFe 6.0

SAFe 6.0 Practice Consultant (SPC) Certification

Get SAFe® certified with our Implementing SAFe® course. Learn to lead in remote environments, plan SAFe transformations, and manage value streams, agile release trains, and Agile products. 

RTE 6.0

SAFe 6.0 Release Train Engineer (RTE) Certification

The RTE role is critical in leading Agile Release Trains (ARTs) to deliver value. Our RTE course teaches how to execute SAFe and improve key SAFe events, coach leaders and teams, and work effectively in remote environments. Gain the tools and guidance needed to succeed as an RTE.

LPM 6.0

Lean Portfolio Manager (LPM) 6.0 Certification

Learn to align strategy and execution with Lean Portfolio Management. Our course helps you plan dynamically and adapt to market changes with remote work tools. Connect portfolio strategy to agile planning, integrate feedback, and maintain your vision with our practical training.

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