"If you can not measure it, you can not improve it."
– Lord Kelvin

Transforming the Way Companies Operate

Agile has transformed the way organization operate. The most important attribute of agility is Continuous improvement in all the aspect of organization and thus having right set of metrics become most important to achieve business agility.  

At ResponsiveB we do not shy away from using standard agile metrics but we are more focused on Leading metrics which give information at right time to react. We believe every business present status quo and future goals are different and so should be the milestones and measurement criteria so we develop metrics suitable for your business in collaboration with your stakeholders.

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Our Objective

From Operation efficiency our Metris, at various levels, Focus on:

  • Are we on TIME for our commitment?
  • Are We on SCOPE for the commitment?
  • Are we on top of QUALITY?
  • What is our PREDICTABILITY?
  • What and how consistently do we deliver BUSINESS VALUE?
  • From Qualitative perspective, we measure:
  • Customer Satisfaction Score
  • Employee Happiness score
  • Transformation Sustainability

Our Agile Metrics workshop will help your stakeholders to understand what could be the best parameter to measure the operational and  transformation goals.

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