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Coaching & Consulting

Leadership Coaching

We define transformational roadmaps such that the enterprise leadership can incorporate changes along the road map, ensuring that the teams work towards creating the desired impact.

Mid Manager Coaching

Honing the mid-managerial skill sets We help identify and groom high-potential people and help in taking them further up the ranks.

Team-level coaching

We coach teams on using process knowledge and shared experiences while working effectively towards common goals.

Role-based coaching

We facilitate the right approach for defining processes, templates, and road maps to efficient role delivery.

Your Transformation Journey

Assessing the degree of process implementation maturity.

Maturity assessment is the scientific way of knowing how well the organization is positioned to achieve and advance towards its business goals. It involves step-by-step quantitative scoring to diagnose the current state of affairs and follows the access, analyze, and address pattern. This brings in the self-realization of where the business stands now with respect to where it needs to be in the future. Our coaches then guide leaders and managers in achieving the state of acceleration on the path to transformation.

Ensuring that the enterprise has a vision and a path toward agility.

A transformation road map is the curated steps an organization needs to undertake to transition into a nimble, reactive company working on agile principles. The steps taken are along the lines of bringing inherent changes in the beliefs, culture, and behavior of individuals and teams along with adopting the latest technologies. This brings in a foundational framework that can help when the time for transformation becomes imminent.

Taking Organisations towards Sustainability & Growth

Transformational practices involve replacing traditional operational models with newer, more responsive ones. The implementation pans across processes, technologies, and organizational structure and encourages a mindset change. This introduces flexibility, collaboration, and better communication leading to speed and efficiency in cross-functional setups.

How We Work?

Step 1: Understanding Current Processes

We first scrutinize the processes in place currently in the organizations to identify strengths and weaknesses. We get a bird’s eye view of what needs to be changed and why. We then come up with a relevant strategy to bring about the desired change. We set goals and milestones that are measurable and help evaluate the impact.


Understanding our client’s organizational culture, processes, and the technologies they use.


Developing a functional strategy that works efficiently across vertical and horizontal business functions toward achieving the business goals.


Helping them define long-term and short-term business goals and to correspond effectively with their products and services.


Defining telemetry to monitor the impact of change

Step 2: Implementation of New Processes

Having identified lacunae and set newer goals, we help in executing the strategies for improving existing functions and targeting sustainable growth. Our ultimate aim is to deliver business efficiency by overcoming barriers and giving a strong platform for collaborative work.

Solution Centric

Defining solutions for gaps between culture, process, and technology as identified in Stage 1


Coaching and enabling teams

Bridge the Gap

Defining futuristic solutions that bridge the gap between the current and future scenarios.

Leading Reports

Training on how to develop leading reports that enable quick and timely decision making


Providing training to stakeholders and team members on product management, agile, and DevOps, as they onboard the Agile journey.


Driving collaborative/Hands-on process orientation

Step 3: Setting the Pathway to Sustainable Growth

For any organization, staying relevant to the changing times has become a major challenge. We elucidate to our clients the need to keep innovating and disrupting. We enlighten them on the changing customer requirements and on how to remain effective even in the future.

Quick Technique

Facilitating quick agile idea validation technique

Product Management

Coaching teams on product management

Prone to Change

Guidance on how to adapt to rapid market changes and innovate

Launch of Specific SAFe Events

Setting into motion the improvement through work and work through the improvement cycle.

SAFe events are launched with the specific objective of teaching all stakeholders and leaders how to drive the organization to its chosen destination of improved outcomes and procedural changes. They come with the benefit of scrum teams that are autonomous, self-organizing, self managing, and high performing.


❖ Training the SAFe®️ Program Consultants (SPCs)
❖ Training the Lean-Agile Leaders
❖ Training the Teams

Pre-ART Launch

❖ Identifying Value Streams and Agile Release Train (ART)
❖ Organizing ART and Agile Teams
❖ Defining and filling all the roles Of ART Members

Art Launch

❖ Preparing the Program Backlog
❖ Conducting PI Planning and other events
❖ Executing Innovation and Planning Iteration

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