WSJF Simplified

Trying to simplify WSJF (weighted shortest job first ) – Simple rule is that one with higher WSJF is given highest priority for delivery. We all understand that feature/item which has highest COD (cost of delay) should be taken first so now let’s consider 3 scenario : Scenario 1: 3 Feature with same COD – which […]


Why does one Agile Framework not work for all businesses?

According to a recent survey, the top reasons that respondents (top-rated business houses) gave for adopting agile technologies are: ·      For enhancing software quality-42 % ·      Improving business and IT alignment -47 % ·      Increasing productivity -51% ·      Enhancing the ability to manage to change business landscapes –63% ·      Accelerating software deliverable -72 % It is a given that the […]

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