Take Charge of Your Agile Transformation

AI Intelligence

Data Integrity


Reduce Cost Up To 60% with AI Assisted Automations

ScaleSwift’s AI 100% automates assessments, data collation, report generation, information flow and components of planning, decision making and data interpretation among others.

AI suggestions supporting quick decision making

A gif that shows how it is automated like the assessment flows and how it saves everyone’s time

A comparison of manual hours vs tool automation cost

User setting up OKRs and seeing the progress

Ensure Success with Transformation OKR

Set-up and track transformation impact and progress with inbuilt OKRs and unfiltered data capture, AI-driven multidimensional interpretation, guided decision-making and simplified relevant analytics.

Own Your Stuff - Spearhead Your Transformation

Eliminate external dependency by keeping control on your transformation goals, planning, progress, timeline, data and decisions. Drive your transformation success without trusting a black box. 

User getting incessant follow ups, rewards and shame board 

Engaging User Experience to Ensure Proactive Participation

Built-in Reward System

Simplified interface and Guidance at every step

Gamified and fun experience

Ensuring Data Reliability with AI

Collect data from multiple sources and detect contradictions all on autopilot to make sure that the data you’re getting is accurate and ready for optimum decision-making.

Where the data is coming from for ex alm tools, tech tools etc and coming to scaleswit where AI detects contradictions and prioritizes most reliable source.

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